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Operational Commitment

Our Mission Statement

To be the safe and efficient transportation provider of choice to the oil industry.

Commitment :

The Company is committed to achieving the highest management standards. Particular emphasis is placed upon marine safety, safe working practices and the protection of the marine environment with the target of zero accidents and incidents. The Company is committed to providing the necessary resources and training in support of our policy and objectives and complying with all applicable national and international rules and regulations.

Training and Development

Training is a crucial part of our operations. We firmly believe in investing in the development of our own people, and the training is two-fold. It is focused on Cadet training as well as continuous competency development of our sailing staff. During 2010 alone we spent in excess of USD 1.3 million on training and training related activities.

Safety, Security, Quality & Environment

Tanker Pacific focuses heavily on Risk Management and Risk Assessment to ensure our operation is prepared for any eventuality.

To assist the SSQE effort we have document control systems in place which assist in regulating the change management processes and ensure that we uphold the highest quality in the continuous development of our Safety Management System.

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